NFL Prospect Naz Jones' First Purchase As a Pro … Getting My Family Out The Projects!! (VIDEO)

NFL Prospect Naz Jones

First Pro Purchase:

Getting My Family Out The Projects!!

4/6/2017 10:44 AM PDT


Forget the luxury cars and flashy jewelry … NFL prospect Nazair Jones says there’s only one BIG purchase he wants to make when he goes pro — a new house for his family!!

Jones’ story is incredible. The ex-North Carolina defensive end lost feeling in his legs at age 15 and was diagnosed with the rare complex regional pain syndrome … forcing him to slowly learn how to walk again.

After years of hospital visits and physical therapy, Jones’ condition improved enough to return to the football field and play 3 seasons at UNC before deciding to go pro to provide for his family … and his first goal is getting them out of the projects in North Carolina. 

Jones — who’s projected to be a mid-round pick later this month — says he’s excited to finally give back to the people who stuck by his side through the hard times.

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