John Legend Now Says Fat Trump Supporters Are Connected to His Music, But …

John Legend

Fat Trump Backers ARE

Connected to My Music, But …

9/6/2017 7:12 AM PDT


John Legend is changing — or at least elaborating — his story about that casting call for fat Donald Trump supporters, and he’s definitely connected to it … sorta.

We got John Tuesday at LAX, the day after he shot a music video featuring Black Lives Matter protesters — which seemed to be related to the story TMZ broke about a casting call for “preferably out of shape” Trump supporters. The listing said it was for a John Legend production.

While John initially said he had nothing to do with that casting … he’s telling a different story here. Turns out the not-so-thin Trump supporters — shooting on Friday — WILL be connected to one of his songs. Hmm …

Still a bit mysterious, but it’s clear from his Monday shoot … John’s embracing the whole political thing. He even has a politician’s way with words at times.

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